Muharram Bey lady and they open themselves Adile, who is an educator in this institution , presenting a warm family atmosphere reminiscent of the love of children, parents , confidence will be improved . Adile Teyze , sympathetic , friendly and loves children have qualified and experienced teaching staff . Our staff love children approaching , experienced , creative and self-renewal (seminars, in-service training , follow-up of new publications , etc.). , Observer , researcher, if necessary with every aspect of children exhibiting a flexible personality will be a good model consists of qualified experts . We are proud that we have on this team .

Adile Teyze grown children went to kindergarten in elementary schools launchers difference . Are different and the difference in terms of self-confidence and success . This is the power of education given to kindergarten Adile Teyze .

Adile Teyze , the child's parents are the most important people in the life and education, "school -parent -child triangle" should be in the making with a sense of parental involvement and parent-teacher meetings held during the year and provides information to parents on various topics .

Adile Teyze individual characteristics, in accordance with the differences are discussed. Children's progress in all areas of development with the objective of this approach is followed scales fathers and mothers of this information is shared each month . In addition, parents of children between the ages of 1-4 nutrition, sleep, sent daily reports on topics such as drug use .

Children's creativity , imagination prepared with the aim of supporting the development of drama and fun and living room, children learn by doing . Children swimming pool in the garden of our home office in the summer stylish swimming lessons are given by professional swimming coach .

If the physical conditions of the Agency , the best way to support the development of children's safety, and has been designed taking into account all the details . Classes are separated by age groups , each class domesticity , books, blocks , building construction , science and nature, are intended to attract children's interest corners . The size of classes , determined in accordance with the developmental characteristics of children and their ages . Therefore, a certain number of children does not occur in groups , and no difference in the age group of children .

Adile Teyze Educational Institutions on the quality of education and the physical hardware has been awarded the Governor and the Ministry .
Adile Teyze, for the reasons described above, for the happiness of your child's future and Adile Teyze Nursery , Kindergarten , Kindergarten , your child must choose to do one of Surveying and summer schools .
Why come to our home Adile Teyze need to send your child to preschool , our home that our children's eyes when you see how happy you will understand more clearly !

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